What A Wattbike!!

Training is hard.

For an experienced cyclist, training is hard. So, you can imagine how hard it is for a non-cyclist. Doing it without the right equipment is even more challenging.

I knew going into the Tour 21 Challenge that it would be unlike anything I had ever done in my life before.

I am new to cycling, and I’m not too fond of the cold, the wet and any weather that is not somewhere below glorious and sunny. Living in the UK, you always have a plan B, even in the height of summer, in case of poor weather. Therefore, planning would play a significant part when working out how I would get to the start line in Florence and finish in Nice following the route of the Tour De France professionals one week ahead in peak condition. There is not much to work with, but I blame genetics.

Ticking boxes, I knew I needed a great bike, tick. Thank you, Ribble.

I knew I needed a rigorous training plan, tick. Thank you to various people and Artificial Intelligence as I put everything together, including the nutritional element. I will show this in a future blog.

Now, I have a spin bike at home, which is very friendly and does a good job. I could put on a Netflix series and go as hard and as long as I desired. The problem was, I never got any feedback, and I could not pair it with cycling apps like Zwift, and have this information going to my Strava account, showing people what I am doing daily. It did a job for an old man to cycle for a bit of fitness and some good workouts.

However, this would never be good enough for the challenge I have in front of me. I needed the best, and only one bike that I feel does the job, Wattbike Atom. Now you can get another Wattbike, the Pro/trainer which is probably the one you seein gyms around the world, the England rugby team, and some of the other professional teams using it. However, for me, the one I needed and wanted was the Atom.

As you would expect for something of this quality and performance, it would be outside my budget. After all, I need all the money to go to my fundraiser and Cure Leukaemia.


I said when I started writing my blog that it would be truthful and not endorse anything or any products just for the sake of it or if I did not believe in them. I will not.

Reaching Out to Wattbike

Now, I would love to say that this story has a happy ending, well it does.

It was not easy, though. I chased and chased the prominent people at Wattbike via LinkedIn and every other method I could think of.

There were potential other options, but I knew the only one for me had to be the Atom; it ticked every box.

I was relentless in my pursuit as I knew it was a potential game-changer.

It was tough at times, as I was losing valuable training time and unable to record any data, which was frustrating.

In the end, and after many conversations, starting at the very top with Stephen Loftus, the CEO of Wattbike, they agreed to support me and loan me an Atom for the duration of my training.

So much relief, I can tell you.

No more rides cancelled due to bad weather.

Instant feedback on my rides.

Being able to link with Zwift and cycling and some of the most challenging rides out there. This is huge.

To Infinity And Beyond

It was an exciting day when my Atom arrived. I had already prepared a very nice space for it from my big TV, so I could watch Netflix or connect Zwift straight to the TV and fully immerse myself.

Now, my garage is full of the usual stuff, including lots of cycling items, but my new Atom takes pride in place.

My first ride was over three and a half hours long, 46.63 miles, and it was brilliant. It is comfortable, and when you hit a hill, the resistance changes to match the incline you are going up. Same on downhill or flat, it adjusts automatically—bloody brilliant and instant feedback.

I have even ridden some of the most demanding Mountains, thanks to Zwift. I did a famous Tourmalet, and you ride the route, same 100% difficulty, and the Atom matches it. You have to change gears to suit, and it is excellent. I would say it is a pleasure, but it is not that much fun when you are sweating and halfway up a mountain. Even virtually.


I figured out that you cannot look good whilst riding and sweating, so I apologise for the scary photographs.

We have had some incredibly lousy weather, and as a rookie cyclist, I am still resistant to going outside in these conditions. The great thing is, I don’t need to now though, I can adapt a training program to suit whatever I had to do that day. Hill repeats sprints, mountains, long rides, short rides, recovery, and fitness. You name it, it can be done on my fantastic machine.

It would sound like a Wattbike advertisement, and in many ways, it probably is. I have absolutely nothing but good things to say.

I took this from Wattbike, which pretty much sums it up. It does what it says on the box and more.

Achieve your goals with the most realistic indoor cycling experience. Unrivalled accuracy, seamless connectivity and customisable gearing for an enhanced real-ride setup. Best for virtual training, structured workouts and climbs.

This Is Just The Beginning

The only negative I can think of…….They will want it back. Until then, I am going to enjoy every damn second of it.

This is just the beginning of my journey. However, it will be so much more enjoyable, knowing I have the tools to help me succeed in my goal of supporting this great cause and saving lives.

The other part is that Wattbike did not just send me a bike and say, we will pick it up in a few months. They are supporting my efforts to help raise funds to help Cure Leukaemia.

Here is an article Jake Marray wrote, which I think shows what a fantastic organisation they are.

Thank you to everyone at Wattbike, Stephen, and the entire team.

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